Earache promotional pamphlet

from an Earache promotional pamphlet, 1994


Guitar gods CARCASS are about to kick off their official Metallica "Pre-Show Tune Up" summer tour! In each city on the night before every single Metallica show, CARCASS will be headlining at a nearby club as the special guests of the official Metallica pre-show party. Not only will you get to see CARCASS crush everything on the planet with their live show (Which Rolling Stone Magazine recently backed up by stating, "Carcass understand the appeal of grandiose power... even Megadeth should be particularly scared of Carcass!") but, these shows will also be your chance to get your hands on lots of FREE Carcass promotional stuff, plus an all new metal music sampler cassette (featuring new stuff from Carcass, Corrosion of Conformity, and more..) PLUS this maybe your last shot at a chance to win a pair of the last Metallica tickets with the best seats in the house! And to give you a secret tip... stick around at these shows because you just might see some extra special guests sharing the stage with Carcass! Also keep your eyes peeled for more free Carcass stuff in the parking lots of the Metallica shows!

Look for an all new Carcass video from the Heartwork album, the clip is for "No Love Lost"... Isn't it about time Metal had a new ruling band to kick all those old guys butts? Well, it's all up to YOU! Support CARCASS Heartwork and REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST!