Liverpool Echo Carcass article

from the Liverpool Echo, December 1st, 1995

A Merseyside rock band's multi-million pound record deal has collapsed. Heavy rockers Carcass have negotiated a release from US giants Columbia Records just 18 months into a dream £4m recording contract. A delay in releasing an album recorded in April angered the foursome and led to guitarist Bill Steer leaving the group in frustration. To break the six album deal, Carcass have waived a third of their advance fee but they will receive the master tapes. Manager Martin Nesbitt said today morale was at an all time low but he is looking forward to securing a new recording contract. He said, "Getting the tapes was unusual and vitally important. The record will sell once it's released so we are looking for a deal." Drummer Ken Owen, vocalist Jeff Walker and guitarist Carlo Regadas are currently rehearsing in Liverpool.