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Carcass Blast Back!

Carcass are currently completing their fifth album in London's Battery Studios!

The band - bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker, guitarists Bill Steer and Carlo Regadas, and drummer Ken Owen - have recorded 17 tracks with producer Colin Richardson. These include Edge of Darkness, Room 101, Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody, Blood Spattered Banner, Generation Next, Myth Information, Go To Hell, Polarized, Cross My Heart, and Rotting In The Free World.

As yet untitled, the album will be released through Columbia in September, adorned with a cover designed by G from seminal Hardcore anarchists Crass! It'll be preceded in July by a four-track EP (featuring two songs cut from the studio session).

As for the material, it's a further step away from the foursome's gore-drenched past.

"We started out like that to be different," says Steer. "These days, we've kind of worked it out of our system."

"On the last album ('93's Heartwork), we were purely being ourselves. And we felt it was a superior record to any we'd previously recorded. This record is another progression."

"It's weird, but in America we're less of an underground thing now," Owen adds. "And good things are happening in Japan as well."

"At the moment, though, we're not really trying to think about what we want to achieve. You've got to get your priorities sorted out, and right now we're just chuffed to be making this record."

Whatever, there's still very little chance that you'll ever hear Carcass on Top Of The Pops.

"Let's face it," shrugs Bill, "it's pretty inconceivable. It's impossible for us to compete with all the Dance stuff."

"Our record company probably see us as grim Northern bastards."