Asinine Carcass review

from Atlanta INsite

by Micah Robinson

You know when you're getting out-take collections from death metal bands that never took off that the end is coming. Carcass was one of the less remarkable "death" bands, more noteworthy for their name than anything else. The group disbanded in 1995 without a whimper, and now their unreleased material is surfacing. The legacy they left behind is that of a band that rarely moved past the Megadeth wannabe sound they grew notorious for. The vocals are just like Dave Mustaine's, but without the miniscule amount of melody Mustaine tried to eke out of his vocal cords. The music is guitar solo heaven, with each song containing at least two "weedily-weedily" leads that sound like guitar students at the Berklee School of Music having a head-cutting contest. It's not like Carcass listeners care about lyrics, but their lyrics are substandard even when compared to other death bands. Song titles like "Hepatic Tissue Fermentation Pts. I & II" and "Pyosisified" make plenty of sense if you're a coroner, but for us regular people, they're just head-scratchers. If you've ever had trouble remembering why death metal was a bad idea, borrow (do NOT buy) a copy of this record and relive the happiness.

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