A quite macabre addiction

Sickly obsessed (with the brilliantly composed)

Here's the Carcass stuff I have currently. If anyone has anything additional they'd like to trade or sell, please e-mail me at slayer@imsa.edu.

    Cerebral Tumor red and green wax LP's (Headache Records HR - 011,
        from 7/30/90, Dortmund, Germany)
    Genital Grinder splatter vinyl (limited edition of 333 copies)
    Distorted Harmony 7" (both ltd. ed., #1/1000, and regular red vinyl, with
        an identical track listing for both; the front cover lists
        St. George's Hall, Bradford, 11/15/89)
        ... this is semi-legitimate as it's sanctioned by Bill, I believe,
            although I think the red vinyl version is a bootlegged copy.

    Live Foeticide 88 (Earpaine 6012)
    Live Dismemberment (Mordred Records MOCD 1, Symphonies tour)
    Carcass/Cathedral - Gods of Grind on Tour (ITM NR 107802, #386/500)
    Buried Dreams:  Live in Europe '94 (Northwind Records 007)
    Death 'n' Roll (Florence, Italy, 1/27/94)

Cassette copies:
    6/4/87, Liverpool (Genital Grinder and half of Regurgitation... only)
    7/10/88, Birmingham
    2/23/89, London
    11/15/89, Bradford
    3/02/90, Wrexham
    3/15/90, London
    4/27/90, Wigan
    6/23/90, Aalst
    6/24/90, Ludwigsburg
    7/10/90, Germany
    7/16/90, Zurich
    7/18/90, Rome (cut short by a crowd fight)
    7/22/90, Budapest
    7/29/90, Berlin
    8/26/90, NJ
    12/19/90, Den Haeg
    12/22/90, St. Leiuenshouten
    12/23/90, Tilburg
    3/21/92, Berlin
    3/28/92, Karlsruhe, Germany
    8/7/92, Salisburg, MA
    4/4/94, Providence, RI
    11/20/94, Manchester
    Live Symphonies (USC-113, cover art is of a skull)
    Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment demo (9/12/87)
    Symphonies of Sickness demo (six tracks)
    BBC radio session tracks from early '95 (Buried Dreams, No Love Lost,
        Rot 'n' Roll, Edge of Darkness)
    Interview with Bill Steer (from VPRO radio, 12/10/90)
    Interview with Jeff Walker from Irish radio (October '94)
    Interview with Bill Steer (WSOU, 7/19/93)
    Interview with Bill Steer (from Australian radio)
    Interview with Jeff Walker (from Australian radio, 6/96)
    Die In Pain (rehearsal, 2/11/85 & 9/11/85 - a very short track)
    Rehearsals (10/23/85, 10/14/87, 11/15/87, and 11/20/87)
    Demo '85 (Die - ???)
    Soundcheck in Zurich
    Unmixed LP tracks '87 (Suppuration, Genital Grinder & Regurgitation...)
    Exhume to Consume (a copy of Headache HR - 002, live at the Fabrick,
        10/7/90, Hamburg, Germany)
    Cardiff, 1994
    Black Star demo (4/96... Revolution of the Heart, New Song, Rock 'n'
        Roll circus, Don't Wanna Talk Anymore, Better the Devil, Waste of
        Space, Instrumental) 
    Miscellaneous tracks:  Exhume to Consume (Grindcrusher version),
        Genital Grinder 2 and Hepatic Tissue Fermentation (from the
        Pathological Records compilation), Inside Out (Die Krupps,
        remixed by Jeff Walker), the Electro Hippie's "Play Fast Or Die"
        (with Jeff on vocals), Isobel (Bjork, remixed by Carcass),
        Democracy (Killing Joke, remixed by Carcass), plus miscellaneous
        Spiritual Beggars and Arch Enemy tracks.

    Planet X, Liverpool '89 (two shows)
    London, 11/16/89
    London, early '90
    Tiajuana '90
    Some winery or castle in Switzerland during the Symphonies tour
    Ostrova, Czech Republic, 9/27/90
    Omni, Oakland, CA '90
    Country Club, LA '90
    Reseda, CA, 10/5/90
    San Antonio, TX '90
    Orlando, FL '90
    Oakland, CA '92
    Rome, 3/5/92
    Location unknown, 4/3/92
    Houston, TX, 9/6/92
    Canada, 1992
    Stockholm, 1992
    Bradford, 1992
    Munich, 11/4/93
    North Carolina, 1993
    Adelaide, Australia, 11/25/93
    Berkeley, CA, 7/21/94
    Houston '94
    West Palm Beach, 8/20/94
    Cardiff, 1994
    Miscellaneous footage:  Canadian Much Music and U.S. MTV interview
        segments following the release of Necroticism; plus videos for
        Corporeal Jigsore Quandary, Incarnate Solvent Abuse, No Love Lost,
        Heartwork, and Reek of Putrefaction (the last including interview
        clips with Bill and Ken), plus Keep On Rotting in the Free World;
        TV outtakes from Noodgrligt, Holland '90; Gods of Grind interview
        from German TV; MTV HBB special from Heartwork; Necroticism interview
        from MTV Europe (UK, w/Jeff, Bill, and Michael)
    Red Dwarf episode with Jeff and Bill making a bizarre guest appearance

Official stuff:
    Reek of Putrefaction (original Earache cassette, Brazilian licensed vinyl,
        U.K. vinyl w/black and white stickers, re-released CD)
    The Peel Sessions (CD, vinyl)
    Symphonies of Sickness (Combat/Earache CD with the sixteen bonus tracks
        from Reek, Combat/Earache cassette, original Earache CD signed by
        Bill, limited edition picture disc, non-gatefold vinyl)
    Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious (cassette, signed CD, vinyl,
        LP w/postcard set)
    Tools of the Trade (cassette, CD, vinyl)
    Heartwork (Columbia and Earache CDs, Earache re-release with This Is Your
        Life and supposedly a CD-ROM track, cassette promo, vinyl)
    The Heartwork E.P. (CD, U.K. and Japanese imports)
    Swansong (limited edition brain-shaped CD with a bonus CD single
        containing Emotional Flatline/Go To Hell... I believe this
        was limited to a few thousand copies or so, CD promo, vinyl)
    Wake Up And Smell The Carcass (CD, video)
    Buried Dreams promo (B-side is This Mortal Coil)
    No Love Lost promo
    Heartwork promo
    Embodiment promo
    Keep on Rotting/Generation Hexed cassette promo
    Combat/Earache Grindcrusher compilation (cassette)
    Pathological Records compilation (CD)

    Heartwork poster (U.K. import, based on the back inside cover of the
        CD booklet)
    Earache Gods of Grind promotional poster (with the Necroticism
        cover art, as well as Entombed's Clandestine, and some other
        unimportant albums)
    Relativity promotional poster (Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption,
        with Symphonies of Sickness cover art underneath, along with some
        other unimportant albums)
    Hat (with the Tools-era Carcass logo in red/yellow; one with a
        smaller but similar logo in blue also exists, but I don't have it)
    Hat (with Carcass in a weird sort of script font on it)
    Hat (with the Tools-era Carcass logo in red/green, I don't know how to
        describe the hat other than to say "gangsta-rap" style)
    Bandana (with the logo from inside Heartwork, and a peace symbol, etc.)
    Metal badge (the old graffiti logo with the Tools saw)
    Patch (skull from Necroticism against a backdrop of the Tools-era
        Carcass logo, 3.75" x 4.5")
    Shirts (there should be forty one listed here):

        I Reek of Putrefaction
            grey - front is text in block letters w/LP sleeve art inside,
                   back is a circular tools design with the red scribble
                     logo on the back
            white - front is identical to grey shirt,
                    back is the body/hammer/scalpel design, with "Carcass
                      on tour 1992", and a crown above the body

        Symphonies of Sickness (short and long sleeve)
            black - front is logo and decaying body from the Reek inlay,
                    back is "I Reek of Putrefaction" in red

                    LS has the anatomical head from the CD down the sleeves.

        Symphonies of Sickness (short and long sleeve)
            black - front is logo and decaying head from the Reek inlay,
                    back is logo and "Ulcerated flesh I munch, rotting corpses
                      are my lunch, on bones I love to crunch"

                    LS has the Carcass scribble logo down the sleeves

        Symphonies of Sickness
            black - front is logo and gore collage,
                    back is "I Reek of Putrefaction" in white

        Symphonies of Sickness
            white - front is logo and full-colour gore collage,
                    back is "Nauseating North American Tour" in green

        Stomach (short and long sleeve)
            black U.S. - front is green chest cavity, new logo,
                         back is Carcass definition
            black U.K. - front is same as U.S. shirt, different colour logo,
                         back is same as U.S. shirt, different colours

                         LS has tools down the sleeve, and a different colour
                           logo; the back has "Gods of Grind European Tour",
                           and European tour dates

        Carcass/Man Logo (short and long sleeve)
            black European LS - front is logo from inside Heartwork,
                                back is hand holding heart and tour dates,
                                sleeves are various hearts
            black Australian - front is as above, different colours,
                               back is map of Australia/eyeball, and
                                 "Antipodean evisceration Heartwork tour"
            black U.K./Eire - front is identical to European design,
                              back is "Heartwork tour 1994" and a
                                heart/barbed wire/flame design

        Head/Definition (short and long sleeve)
            black European - front is anatomical head from Necroticism
                               over the Carcass definition,
                             back is identical to European Stomach LS
            black U.S. - front is identical to European shirt,
                         back is a brain/body diagram with the old logo

                         LS has the tools down the sleeves

        Head/Logo (short and long sleeve)
            red U.S. - front is anatomical head from Necroticism, over the
                         new logo,
                       back is same brain/body diagram as the head/definition
                         shirt, with "Carcass on tour 1992"

            emerald green - front is identical to above shirt,
                            back is a photo print with the Carcass definition

                            (I think this shirt was fairly limited)

            black - front is identical to above shirts,
                    back is identical to the back of the white "I Reek" shirt

                    LS has the tools down the sleeves

        Head/Tools (short and long sleeve)
            black - front is head from Necroticism over a circular tools
                      design, with the new logo underneath,
                    back is an anatomical body holding U.S. tour dates

                    LS has tools down the sleeves

        Carcass (logo) (long sleeve)
            black - front is new logo,
                    back is Gods of Grind design
                    sleeves are tools

        Circular Tools
            black - front is the new logo and a circular tools design,
                    back is identical to the back of the white "I Reek" shirt

        Tools of the Trade
            black - front is the old logo over a circular tools design,
                    back is Gods of Grind tour design

        Sleep. Money. Food.
            black - front says "Sleep. Money. Food." in homage to Ken.
                    no back-print.

        Carcass JFK (short and long sleeve)
            black - front has "Carcass" and a white version of the JFK
                      autopsy picture,
                    back has a pyramid, and "Carcass Heartwork"

                    LS has a grey print instead of white, and a similar
                      heart/barbed wire design to the UK/Eire Carcass/Man logo
                      shirt on the back; sleeves are various hearts

        Surgical Eyes (short and long sleeve)
            natural/raw shirt - front has eyes undergoing surgery,
                                back is hand holding heart, and U.K. tour dates

                                LS has "Carcass" and recycling symbol on back,
                                  and tour dates down one sleeve

        Hand & Heart (short and long sleeve)
            burgundy - front is "Carcass Heartwork" and hand/heart,
                       back is pyramid design, like Carcass JFK shirt

                       LS is dark green, and has tour dates down one sleeve

            green LS - front is hand/heart and new logo,
                       back is European tour dates over heart/barbed wire
                       sleeves are various heart designs

            black - front is identical to green LS,
                    back is identical to burgundy back

            black Australian - front is identical to above,
                               back has a map of Australia with various tools
                                 superimposed, and "Antipodean..." as above

                               LS has tour dates down one sleeve

            promo shirt - front is hand/heart with new logo,
                          back is pyramid design,
                          sleeve says "Heartwork" in same scribble as the
                            CD promo

                          This was printed for the media as a promotional

        Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
            black - front is the new logo with the photographs from the album
                    back is the album title in the ornamental box from the

            black - front is the album cover,
                    back is the skull on the cross from the inside sleeve

            grey - front is the album cover,
                   back has the heads from the Necroticism sleeve

    Heartwork blood bag promo (apparently, something on the order of
        about a hundred were done for stores for promotional use)

Other stuff I've heard of (and am still looking for!):
    Vinyl copies of Symphonies (gatefold edition), the Heartwork E.P.,
        the re-released Reek on see-through green vinyl
    Reek/Tools picture discs (these are apparently bootlegs)
    Limited edition 7" w/Pathological Compilation tracks
    Glow-in-the-dark Peel Sessions CD (the printing on the disc is
        apparently whitish-green)
    Keep on Rotting in the Free World CD promo
        (Keep on Rotting, Gen Hexed, Room 101, R**k the Vote)
    The first demo with Sanjiv, or album demos for Necroticism onwards
    The patch with the circular Tools design and the first Carcass logo (red)
    Japanese imports of Swansong (with the Death Rider DA bonus track,
        which is Colin Richardson singing over a slightly different
        mix of R$$k The Vote), Reek of Putrefaction, and Symphonies of
        Sickness (this includes the two Pathological Compilation tracks;
            both of these re-releases include the original vinyl sleeves)
    Symphonies of Sickness press kit
        older ones... one with the full-colour Reek album sleeve,
            black one which said "I Reek of Putrefaction" on the front,
        Australian tour '93 (w/head from Necroticism and Tools-era logo on
            front, and circular Tools design on the back)
        One with a head from Necroticism, surrounded by the circular
            tools, with the old logo
        Longsleeve with NDtI cover art
    Anything else I've forgotten

If you have additional paraphernalia you're looking to trade or sell, as mentioned above, please write! (Or if you just have further information, I'd love to try and organise a complete list of everything that's out there for other deranged fans to drool over).

(Oh yeah, someone once mentioned to me that I was obsessed, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has similar deviancies as my own... has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to come across Carcass stuff?)