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Contact Information:

Shrivelled Clump of Flesh c/o Point Blank Management
Unit 11, 6-10 Convent Street,
Nottingham. NG1 3LL, U.K.

Fax: (0115) 956 3955
Tel: (0115) 956 3956

Calling this number will result in your speaking to Martin Nesbitt, the band's manager (if you're very lucky - he seems to be a busy man), so it's probably best not to make a habit of phoning about trivial things. (plus it gets expensive... quoteth Daniel: "ebullient phone toll mounts - higher and higher...")

As of January '97, this was the Point Blank catalogue, although many of these shirts may now be sold-out:

merch sheet 1 merch sheet 2

It's suggested also that if any of you wish to write to Bill, it's best to send letters to Martin and they should be passed on to God. Regarding other contact information, Jeff is on the net and responds to most e-mail, although he seems to be a bit bogged down with the volume of questions he receives.

Ex-Carcass axeman Mike Hickey is now playing in a hardcore outfit called Altered Dominance (apparently with some fairly technical, albeit somewhat repetitive guitar parts). Rock Brigade, a Brazilian metal mag, lists his contact address as:

P.O. Box 481
Athol, MA 01331, USA

Michael Amott can also be contacted at the following address (include two IRC's for a reply):

Spiritual Beggars Universal Family
Torsgatan 3c.
302 36 Halmstad
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(All but the first listed are included on the Wake Up... video compilation).

heartwork arm

Clone Bands etc.:

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Other assorted info:

live photo
band photo

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