The Peel Sessions

Strange Fruit, 1989

The John Peel show is a British Radio 1 show which features a wide variety of acts performing "live" renditions of their material. The CD is most notable for an interesting bass intro to Reek of Putrefaction, and an extended Slash Dementia intro. The material was recorded December 13, 1988, and was broadcast on January 2, 1989.

According to the CD sleeve, the musicians featured are:
K. Grumegargler (drums/vocals)
J. Offalmangler (bass/vocals)
W.G. Thorax Embalmer (guitar/vocals)

Track listing:

  1. Crepitating Bowel Erosion
  2. Slash Dementia
  3. Cadaveric Incubator of Endo Parasites
  4. Reek of Putrefaction

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