Promotional items

Earache/Columbia, 1994

As far as I know, four promos were issued for the Heartwork album: Buried Dreams (featuring that track, and also This Mortal Coil), No Love Lost, Heartwork, and Embodiment.

Buried Dreams and Heartwork both included the lyrics (although the former omitted the three lines immediately preceding the guitar solo, much like the Earache release of the full album). The other two promos contained tour dates; No Love Lost also included a number at Sony to contact for further information regarding the band: (212) 833-4989. (That number is no longer useful, obviously, except for the purpose of calling and verbally abusing the idiots who can be partially blamed for the band's downfall).

The above band photo was taken from the inside of the Heartwork promo, and the above logo was the only illustration on the Buried Dreams promo cover.

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