A Hard Day's Dismemberment

Paul Czarnowski, known to some as Ron R. Rodent, is proud to present to the public Jeff Walker and the Walkettes in their first motion picture:

A Hard Day's Dismemberment

Jeff Walker as Jeff
Carlo Regadas as Carlo
Ken Owen as Ken
Griff as Griff
Dom Deluise as Ken's goofy Uncle Gus
Glenn Close as Dave Mustaine's hairdresser
Meryl Streep as Ronald R. Rodent, the loser fan
John Malkovitch as Matt The Bastard, the obsessed fan
Jon Bon Joki as target practice
Bill Steer as Bill, the disgruntled guitarist
Mike Amott as Mike, the sad depressed guitarist
Richard Nixon as Dr. Frankenfurter (thank goodness Victoria's Secret 
carried his size...)
Samuel L. Jackson as Samuel L. Jackson, the greatest actor in the world
Steve Stone as Pierre, the evil assassin

Directed by Ed Wood
Post Production Direction by Kevin Costner (which would explain why this 
movie is almost 3 hours long)
Produced by David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, and the late Tony Danza
Spelling errors by me.

[Scene One] [Scene Two] [Scene Three]
[Scene Four] [Scene Five] [Scene Six]
[Scene Seven] [Scene Eight] [Scene Nine]
[Scene Ten: The Finale]

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